My family vacation … with an unwanted total stranger

Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 16•14

eraseClick here for the story. And thanks again, Airbnb!

So a naked guy gets on a bus…

Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 05•14

Click here for the most important story you will ever read about what happens when you wear a naked-man suit on a public bus from Henderson to Downtown Las Vegas.bus in the back wide

When you hit on Gwen Stefani and Sheryl Crow … your karma is getting hit on by Billy Squier

Written By: coreylevitan - Oct• 27•14

Click here for the terrifying story.

The night Matt Dillon ruined my shot with 7 hot models

Written By: coreylevitan - Sep• 24•14

matt dillon
Matt Dillon has the personality of an air conditioner. I might have even stated this if the bastard didn’t c-block me with this table full of models who were dying for a piece of this.  Read my Men’s Health story.

The night I spent in jail

Written By: coreylevitan - Sep• 10•14

My crime? Taking legal advice from a dumb-ass friend. My punishment? Nearly getting killed, and I’m so not kidding. Read it here.

Alex Trebek saw me naked!

Written By: coreylevitan - Aug• 26•14

Pets Divorce 0612

You don’t know what Jeopardy feels like until its host is staring you in the penis. Read the story here.

Angelina Jolie played involuntary footsie with me

Written By: coreylevitan - Aug• 26•14

You’re alone in a room with the future Mrs. Brad Pitt, and she’s coming onto you hard. What do you do? Read the story here.

The most important story you will ever read about speed dating with a bag over your head

Written By: coreylevitan - Aug• 13•14

Men’s Health has given me the license to get back up to my old tricks. So I crashed a speed dating session at the Downtown Cocktail Lounge in Las Vegas and got thrown out for wearing a paper bag over my head.

Here’s the story and below are some photos that didn’t make it in…

speed dating 2 speed dating 3speed dating 4

My new gig

Written By: coreylevitan - Aug• 01•14


Ok, so now I’m a regular contributor to Men’s Health — at least until the editor who likes me quits or gets fired in six months, leaving me once again lying at the side of the road like a dead hobo.

Click here to read my most recent articles, or check the menu bar at right.

To what do I attribute this latest career milestone? Two simple words: LinkedIn endorsements (of course)!

Read my book for free…

Written By: coreylevitan - Jun• 24•13

Because I apparently put my publisher out of the book business entirely, I am free to share with you my contribution to the book “Wish You Were Here.” Published in 2013 by the late Stephens Press, it was a compendium of essays inspired by early postcards from Las Vegas. Here’s the chapter inspired by my assignment — this image from the Last Frontier… (more…)