My new gig

Written By: coreylevitan - Dec• 25•13

profileI am now a regular blogger for, which is paying me me to muse about being a stay-at-home dad and spousal freeloader.

Along with  returning to what I love best comes getting savaged by readers. Two of the first three comments generated by my debut piece, “When Your Game of Abandonment Chicken Fails,” are “What are you, some kind of psycho? Not funny, especially for those of us who really were abandoned,” in addition to “wait till she learns to play on your worst fears and emotionally abuse you too… sounds like you are building a very healthy realtionship [sic].”

It’s great to be back!

Corey “Sir, There’s a Problem With Your Credit Card” Levitan

Read my book for free…

Written By: coreylevitan - Jun• 24•13

Because I apparently put my publisher out of the book business entirely, I am free to share with you my contribution to the book “Wish You Were Here.” Published in 2013 by the late Stephens Press, it was a compendium of essays inspired by early postcards from Las Vegas. Here’s the chapter inspired by my assignment — this image from the Last Frontier… (more…)

Serving up disturbed journalism since 2001

Written By: coreylevitan - Sep• 27•11

In my stories, I sample all manner of weird jobs and experiences outside my comfort zone. That’s not because I’m brave. It’s because I’m not. With my scoop hat, I’m George Plimpton willing to jump on any grenade for good copy. Without it, I’m George Costanza.

In my column, most recently known as “Fear and Loafing,” I washed the windows at the top of the Sratosphere, danced as a go-go boy in a gay bar and midwifed a stranger’s baby.

Because of this gig, my gravestone cannot read “a coward who never tried sh*t.” Also because of cemetery regulations.

The gentlemen pictured above taught me how to be a gangsta rapper. There I am in the center, if you can’t tell, making a “C” for Hard Corey. Immediately after this column ran, no joke, police raided their studio and made several arrests. (Click here and Hard Corey will rap for you.)

So far, I’ve done my thing for Playboy, the New York Post and daily newspapers in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. (Click here to read an article AOL News/The Huffington Post wrote about me last year, and here to hear Howard Stern interview me for a 2003 Playboy article I wrote — before meeting my wife — about hitting on women in inappropriate places.) I’m not going to mention the many awards these stories have won, because that would be totally uncool.

Hey, how did that get in there? How embarrassing!

To the right are links to hundreds of my favorite columns and videos. (Use the bars beside each item to scroll downward.)

There was the time in L.A. that I skydived with a Flying Elvi member strapped to my back who was, umm, happier than I would have preferred about the experience. But of course, who among us doesn’t know the feeling of plummeting thousands of feet toward possible death with an Elvis impersonator’s excitement digging into your butt?

Speaking of killer snakes, nude modeling in L.A. was another one for the crazy books. And then there was that time I was covered head to toe in killer snakes that were literal… (more…)