My revolting use for Nair & other reasons we shop online

Written By: coreylevitan - Oct• 31•15

erase.Click here because you’re dying to know.

That week I didn’t shower and sprayed myself w/germs

Written By: coreylevitan - Oct• 26•15


They usually involve beer or the last slice of pizza. But, last week, my secret midnight fridge rendezvous were all about spraying my sweaty armpits and testicles. Would anyone notice that I was applying microbes to my most malodorous body parts instead of washing them?

Massachusetts-based AOBiome markets a $49 mist, Mother Dirt, that contains a type of good skin bacteria, nitrosomonas neutropha, that prevents bad bacteria from converting the proteins in our sweat into stinky fatty acids. Its inventor, David Whitlock, claims it works so well, he has not showered in 12 years.

“Our ancestors in Africa never bathed ,” Whitlock told me, “and they couldn’t because all the water sources had parasites. So if you never bathe, the sweat residue accumulates on your skin until you develop a film of bacteria that metabolizes the ammonia in sweat and becomes the dominant flora on the skin. We’ve erased all of that in the last 100 years of bathing every day.” (more…)

You’re cordially invited to … my bar mitzvah

Written By: coreylevitan - Oct• 01•15

bar mitzvah verticalSeeking meaning in my failed transition to manhood

When your wife & your ex-girlfriends discuss whether you’ve improved

Written By: coreylevitan - Sep• 09•15

Because. Yes. This. Actually. Happened.

My latest radio interview…

Written By: coreylevitan - Aug• 20•15

Hear me interviewed about being sexual harassed by Angelina Jolie and other topics.

What it’s like when Angelina Jolie comes onto you

Written By: coreylevitan - Aug• 05•15

erase2You’re alone in a room with a 25-year-old Angelina Jolie, and she’s rubbing your crotch with her stockinged bare feet while staring deeply into your eyes. What do you do?


Mr. Low T

Written By: coreylevitan - Aug• 02•15

mrlowt.jpbThe editor of DAVID magazine illustrated my latest piece, about my now-official low testosterone level, with this photo of someone he thinks I resemble. Obviously, he found it in a stock photo gallery under “manly man.”

My wife & I try

Written By: coreylevitan - Jul• 17•15

Are we compatible enough for it to recommend us to one another?

My dinner with Facebook strangers

Written By: coreylevitan - Jul• 14•15

eraseWhat happens when you invite all the Facebook friends you’ve never met to dinner?

Another story, another fistfight lost to a girl

Written By: coreylevitan - Jun• 30•15

eraseAnd other things I learned from a class titled “How to Fight Like a Superhero.”