Happy anniversary/porn awards, honey!

Written By: coreylevitan - Feb• 05•15

So I take my wife to the AVN porn awards for our anniversary dinner. What could go wrong? Actually, judging by the following sampling of tweets I got reacting to the story, quite a bit, but not like I expected. Thanks, Tasha Reign, for all the new Twitter followers!


What people of the past wouldn’t believe about 2015

Written By: coreylevitan - Jan• 22•15

eraseWheat is bad for you and fat good, the Pope is pro-evolution and, oh, one or two other teensy little things.

Is sperm vegan?

Written By: coreylevitan - Jan• 22•15

One investigation your significant other may find hard to swallow.

WTF is Rob Lowe trying to do to me?

Written By: coreylevitan - Jan• 21•15

eraseMr. St. Elmo’s Forever insists on fitting me for weird aging spacesuit.

My Airbnb family vacation …w/ an unwanted stranger

Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 16•14

I thought I scored an Internet bargain. But I never bargained on this guy!

So a naked guy boards a bus

Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 05•14


bus in the back wideMy surprising investigation into what happens when you wear a naked suit on a public bus.

That time I got thrown in jail & nearly shanked for farting

Written By: coreylevitan - Sep• 10•14

jailOne terrifying possible drawback of lactose intolerance.

Alex Trebek saw me naked!

Written By: coreylevitan - Aug• 26•14

Pets Divorce 0612

You don’t know what Jeopardy feels like until its host is staring you in the penis.

Angelina Jolie sexually harassed me (TRUE story)

Written By: coreylevitan - Aug• 26•14

You’re alone in a room with the future Mrs. Brad Pitt, and she’s coming onto you hard. What do you do?

The most important story you will ever read about speed dating with a bag on your head

Written By: coreylevitan - Aug• 13•14

speed dating 4How to get thrown out of a speed-dating session for wearing a paper bag over your head.