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My new gig

I am now a regular blogger for, which is paying me me to muse about being a stay-at-home dad and spousal freeloader. Along with  returning to what I love best comes getting savaged by readers. Two of the first three comments generated by my debut piece, “When Your Game of Abandonment Chicken Fails,” are […]

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Read my book for free…

Because I apparently put my publisher out of the book business entirely, I am free to share with you my contribution to the book “Wish You Were Here.” Published in 2013 by the late Stephens Press, it was a compendium of essays inspired by early postcards from Las Vegas. Here’s the chapter inspired by my […]

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Serving up disturbed journalism since 2001

In my stories, I sample all manner of weird jobs and experiences outside my comfort zone. That’s not because I’m brave. It’s because I’m not. With my scoop hat, I’m George Plimpton willing to jump on any grenade for good copy. Without it, I’m George Costanza. In my column, most recently known as “Fear and […]

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